Hello everyone

This is just a very quick post to keep you updated.

I have just become aware that my video content on this website is no longer available. I knew that Youtube was going to change the way they hosted their videos but thought my links would have remain working.

Youtube no longer allows people to host unlisted videos with the same security as before.

So they have automatically changed all of my videos to private, which has made them impossible to view on this website.

I have been working on a solution, I am downloading every video from my youtube account and will be hosting it on my Vimeo pro account which does allow me to share videos in a secure way.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience and will do my best to get all of my videos on this website live again this week!

The only downside is soon I will be recording again and will be replacing most of these videos anyway, on the plus side it is making me more familiar and aware of my old content, I have finally been pushed to sort all of this out!

I recently uploaded some new stock imagery to the endless visions course and will be making an update about that very soon, it feels good to be making movements in this space again, I’m so excited for it’s future.

Thank you all <3

Edit: The iPad course has been fixed already, I will keep you updated with the rest.
2nd Edit: Yesterday I managed to fix the iPad and Introduction course, today the advanced course will be fixed!
3rd Edit:  The majority of content on this website has now been fixed! The intro, essentials, advanced, ipad, animation and how to courses have been edited, the rest will be taken care of really soon. I am amazed at how many videos I created before and I’m excited to create new ones really soon!