Take a look at some of the recent upgrades and future updates to come!

Hello everyone, It’s been an exciting and busy time at our digital visionary art school, as I have been hard at work enhancing your learning experience. I just wanted to let you know about some of the improvements I have made to the site recently.

Login Form Upgrade

A while ago I had to find a new login plugin to replace the one that no longer became compatible with this website. I managed to implement one quickly, it did the job but it was very very basic looking, especially compared to the old one. I have now however managed to add some style to the login page, it looks so much better than before.

Login Redirect Fix: Navigate to Your Account with Ease

Previously, after logging in, users were directed to a blank page. Thanks to a recent fix, you will now be redirected straight to your account dashboard. Convenient access to your courses and other resources.

Improved Readability:

I understand the importance of readability in the learning process. That’s why I have increased the body font size across the site, making it easier to absorb information from the written materials under each video. Now, not only are the tutorials more accessible, but even these blog posts are easier read.

Content Recovery: Rebuilding the Essentials Course

A setback with our site and plugins caused the loss of content, particularly text and image tutorials. But fear not! I have painstakingly  re-added the original content for the entire Essentials course.

Video Quality Upgrade: Crisp 1080p HD Viewing

When youtube changed their embedding video methods I had to find a new website to host these videos without getting adverts and the youtube logo hovering over each video. When I migrated the videos from youtube and uploaded them to vimeo I was not aware they were only 720p! The originals were 1080p, so I managed to find a very old hard drive of mine that luckily still had the original videos. I am going through each one and upgrading them back to their original full HD as I am working through each module/unit.

There are still some videos from youtube being displayed on this site, these will be updated and replaced soon as well.

Aesthetic Enhancements: Colors, Headings, and Links

I have given the website a visual facelift by updating the logo, logo video intro and updated some banners on the home page. There are still more changes to come here soon. I also updated headings and links from a light blue to a deeper, richer blue. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also contributes to a easier reading experience.

Project File Relinking:

I am in the process of relinking missing project files and stock imagery, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted learning journey for our students. Stay tuned as I will have more updates on this soon.

New Additions: 25 Stock Imagery Packs in the Endless Visions Course

Exciting news for our Endless Visions course! I have added 25 new stock imagery packs, that’s hundreds of new images for you to create with. Stay tuned for a separate blog post where we’ll delve deeper into these exciting additions and new video/unit content.

Thank you all for your support and patience!

I am so happy to have been able to put some time into this website recently, I know some students have been waiting for updates and fixes so I really appreciate your patience, it’s been a long time coming but there is much more to come from this website! Stay tuned for more updates, new content, and enhancements that will fuel your creative journey. Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community!