My Journey As An Artist So Far…


A few years ago I made an info graphic that gave a glimpse into my artistic progression. I have been cataloging my progression every 3 years and now it’s time to add the next chapter.

My very first sketches!

Ages 6-9

I remember the first time I felt inspiration, it was after seeing my cousin drawing pictures of cartoon characters and logos.

I was amazed by his ability to create and knew it was something I had to try myself. So my first drawings were off things I loved at the time, Mario, Dennis the Menace, Cartoon network shows, South Park & the Simpsons.

I loved nature, wildlife and the earth, I would try to read books that way beyond my comprehension and draw the illustrations. I was hooked!


I started using watercolors and felt tips, I loved painting.

Ages 9-12

At this time I was still drawing the things I loved which like most children of the 90’s was
Pokemon and Nintendo characters.

The Nintendo GameCube was released and I obsessed over the new graphics, I would paint pictures from games such as Mario Sunshine & Super Smash Brothers Melee.

I vividly remember painting each of these pieces, The watercolour Charizard was painted in my front room one morning, I was super impressed that I managed to colour the tiny eye without the paint bleeding out. The felt tip Charizard was created on my bedroom floor. The Mario Sunshine piece was painted on my landing one evening & the Super Smash Bros piece was created the morning after my dog died. It’s crazy how you can retain memories from paintings.


Still working with watercolours. I loved sketching and shading with black biro pen.

Ages 12-15

I finally got my Gamecube and would draw the cover art of the games I had.

I started to get into Animes such as Bleach and DBZ. I started to see a huge progression in my ability and it was at this point where I realised I could be a decent artist if I kept going!

Art class at school made me draw and paint things I didn’t care about (this changed later!) but now I see it as a good thing.

I started experimenting with the digital medium!

Ages 15-18

I was still drawing anime and developing my technical skills.

At age 16 I started to get very depressed often and my interest in mental illness started.

I unexpectedly had my first lucid dreams at this age as well, I had no idea what they were or what they meant. I was confused and started isolating myself.

I created my very first digital images and paintings and loved the entire process. I considered becoming a digital artist and stopped drawing anime to focus on the human condition.

I fell in love with digital painting.

Ages 18-21

I discovered the joys of lucid dreaming, astral projection, meditation and was fascinated about consciousness, perception and spirituality.

I slowly let go of mental illness fascination and started focusing on positive self development instead.

I really developed my work technically with colour, anatomy, composition as well as giving my work meaningful messages.

I started to make a living as a professional digital artist.

Some examples of my recent work, I continue to experiment with different techniques.

Ages 21-24

I am still successfully making a living as a digital artist.

I have developed my style and refined my digital painting techniques to a level I never thought possible.

I started my own online digital painting school to teach others everything I have learned on my journey so far!

The future…

I hope you have found my journey interesting and inspiring so far, I cant wait to see how things progress from here.

My school nearly has 100 students from 14 counties around the world, I wonder if I can push that to

1000 students in the next 3 years!

Maybe my own exhibition is on the cards, maybe I will be teaching people in person and will travel the globe!

Thanks for reading and for the continued support.

If your interested in learning how to create digital art/paintings check out my e-courses linked below 🙂