Digital Art & Painting Master class

Gain full access to every e-course on this website, PLUS any future material I develop!

  • Are you creative?

    Explore the joys of creating digital artworks!

  • Do you love digital art?

    Learn to create your very own digital artworks!

  • Would you love to learn how to create your own digital visionary art?

    Create inspiring artwork to share with the world

With this course you will be fully equipped to start creating the best quality digital art.
You gain full access to everything I know PLUS all future content that I create!

  • Learn online or offline

    These courses are designed with state of the art course software, study online or learn the material offline in PDF format.

  • Self study

    You can start and end the course at your own convenience!

  • Promotion and group galleries

    Your work will be promoted via our social media groups and will be a part of a online group gallery.

  • Perfect for beginners & professionals

    This course was designed to guide students who have little or no experience in creating digital art and professional artists who are interested in
    learning new skills!

You will gain access to the following:

  • iPad digital painting e-course

    Learn how to paint on the go on your iPad!

  • Animation e-course

  • The essentials of digital painting e-course

    Learn the basics of creating digital art in Photoshop!

  • The advanced digital painting e-course

    Discover the most advanced digital art creation techniques and craft the highest quality digital art.

  • The how to training course

    A series of videos explaining how to achieve particular effects.

  • Lucid dreaming for artists

    Learn how to become a lucid dreamer and how to explore your inner realms for inspiration!

  • 1 to 1 tuition for 1 hour

    If after completing the e-courses you feel there is something else you want to learn, or if you want me to critique your work, I will create a 1 hour bespoke video just for you!

  • PLUS!

    Instant access to any future e-courses I develop.

With this course you will learn!

How to confidently navigate Photoshop
About the brushes, colouring and layers
How to use blending modes
How to turn traditional line drawings into digital art
Techniques for painting with light
The art of creating your own mandalas
How to create your own brushes
How to turn everyday objects into paintings
Photo manipulation skills
How to start and finish a painting
How to texture your work
How to create effective compositions
Colour theory
Working with Values
How to use references properly
Studying the masters
How to create custom brushes
How to create and use fractals
Basic 3D rendering and manipulation
Advanced image editing techniques
Create various image styles ranging from traditional, fantasy, sci fi, holographic and psychedelic.
How to effectively use layers
How to construct sacred geometry from scratch
Many useful tips and much much more!

 This e-course includes all of this!

Over 20 hours of narrated video tutorials
Hundreds of free Photoshop brushes
Free Photoshop shapes
Hundreds of free psychedelic stock images
Free access to our private Facebook group
A place in our student gallery to showcase your work!
Technical support


I’ve only just started one of your online courses and already my eye for detail has improved 10 fold. Thank you so much Louis.

Thanks for all the help Louis, without you I literally  don’t know where I would be.  If I hadn’t seen your paintings I would have never even wanted to pursue this.  Thank you so much, none of this would have been possible without you!

Thanks Louis! Your teaching course actually helped me. The mandala lessons were very helpful!

Digital art is so much more fun. I’m so glad I purchased your course Louis Dyer!

I’ve enjoyed your course materials so far, picked up a few good tips. I really like the abstract stuff using the selection tool to create a block and I also really like the way of creating the mandala type pictures. Makes me feel i can produce good looking work in a more relaxed way.

Your course continues to be a great help to me!

Your course ROCKS! thank you!

Thank you, your courses are worth every penny.

Your classes have tremendously helped me on my path thank you so so so much!

I am so inspired by your course Louis. Thank you!

Thanks to Louis Dyer from Visionary Digital Art I’ve been given the resources and lessons to create new and exciting artworks. I’ve started to make money selling my digital artworks on print on demand websites. I’m looking forward to making my art business my full time job. Thank you for all the support you have given the past year. – Jay Salton from Hyper Boutique

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Course taught by Visionary Artist Louis Dyer

Louis Dyer, the creative force driving these courses, possesses over 15 years of expertise in the digital art industry. Continually pushing boundaries, he explores the realms of cutting-edge visionary art while generously sharing his knowledge with a dedicated fan base.

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