Lucid dreaming: Keeping a dream journal

Keeping a dream journal is an important activity to increase the chances of achieving a lucid dream. A dream journal is very simple to create; you simply find a book or notepad in which you can record your dreams.

The hardest aspect of keeping a dream journal is dedication. You should aim to write down as much as possible from your dreams every time you wake up. As this process becomes familiar you will remember more and more about each dream you have until you get to a point where you can literally fill pages with details from your dreams!

As your dream journal grows you can begin to analyse your dreams, you will realise and discover common themes or occurrences in them, for example my common dream
occurrence is that I am on holiday in France. This analysis allows me to create an affirmation such as “The next time I am in France I will realise I am dreaming”.

You will be surprised by how well the subconscious remembers these affirmations which helps trigger the awareness that you are dreaming.

People dream for longer towards the morning so it is most likely you will remember many dreams that occur in the morning and not the dreams you had during the night, however you may awake many times during the night, so you could have a digital dream journal on your Mobile phone or iPad to record these dreams in the dark without having to turn a light on to write them in a book or notepad.

Some people find it hard to remember their dreams and to others it comes naturally, regardless of this, creating a mantra such as “I will remember my dreams” will dramatically help improve your dream recall. By repeating this phrase over and over before you fall asleep you will alert your subconscious to perform this intention. You will find you will carry this phrase over into some of your dreams which helps enforce these dream

Once you achieve a lucid dream, write them down into your dream journal as well with as much detail as you can, analyse what it was that made you become lucid as well as how you felt.

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