Explore your dreams & discover creative inspiration!

  • Wish you could lucid dream?

    With this course you will learn how to achieve lucidity in your dreams

  • Are you artistic?

    Discover how to use your dreams can inform your artworks.

  • Would you love to learn how to create your own digital visionary art?

    Create inspiring artwork to share with the world

Learn how to explore your inner realms of imagination
and express your experiences in the digital painting medium!

  • Learn online or offline

    My courses are designed with state of the art course software, study online or learn the material offline in PDF format.

  • Self study

    You can start and end the course at your own convenience!

  • Perfect for beginners

    This course was designed to guide students who have little or no knowledge on the subject of lucid dreaming.

With this course you will learn!

  • About the world of lucid dreaming
  • How to achieve your own lucid dreams
  • How to use your new abilities to inform your artwork
  • Tap into your never ending source of creativity
  • Inspire others with your visions

Are you ready to become a lucid dreamer?

Join Louis on this journey and explore the realms of your dreams!
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