Lucid dreaming for artists

Here is a quick speed paint I made from a lucid dream I had last night!

I had a great lucid dream last night, I was walking around a museum in France with my girlfriend and we were about to leave but the receptionist said we had not seen everything yet. So we went back and found a door that looked unfamiliar, as I walked up to the door I became lucid and walked though. I entered a huge circular room. The walls had epic paintings on them, I started to look around but realised I was becoming disorientated. So I focused my attention on just one painting and then made the room rotate so that I could see each painting.

Some were not very impressive but two paintings really stood out and took my breath away. One was of an man who had a fiery set of angle wings with his arm out stretched, the vividness of his form was really impressive. The second painting was better, it had two angels painted in pure white light. I could fix my attention on the piece and analyse how it was painted, it seemed that the background of the painting was made of various light skin tone shades but the angels themselves were iridescent, translucent and shimmering. My lucidity was at its strongest now, I looked around the room and encountered a library full of black and red leather bound books but was suddenly woken so I didn’t get to flick through any.

It was a very cool dream and I am inspired to now paint an angel or spirit entity in the same style, it would be interesting to see if I could capture the same effect!

On the subject of lucid dreaming, I am giving away a free e-course ‘Lucid dreaming for artists’ for every student who has enrolled onto any of my digital painting courses. The lucid dreaming for artist course is designed to help you become a strong lucid dreamer, explore the depths of your dreams and express your own visions via the digital art medium.  The lucid dreaming course is still in development but section one will be available this month!

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