Why I love to paint with the iPad

The combination of a great stylus and painting app has really increased my productivity, I often start paintings on my iPad that can later be refined or re-created in Photoshop. Being able to paint anywhere at my leisure, rather than being tied to my home workstation, has been somewhat of a revelation to my workflow. I no longer have those times when away from home or traveling and I am just thinking ‘I could be painting right now!’ Below are a few points on why I love to paint on the iPad.

mini maglus 7

It feels natural

If like myself you are used to painting with a generic graphics tablet you will really notice how natural it feels to paint directly onto the iPad screen rather than a graphics pad while looking ahead at your computer screen. Of course if your lucky to own a Wacom cintiq then you will already be familiar with this feeling. But for those who are not yet ready to make the leap to purchase a cintiq, painting on the iPad gives a sweet glimpse of the experience. being able to use your fingers to smudge paint across your screen really gives a direct painting experience.


applydea stylus

It’s cheap

Lets say we minus the cost of your iPad as presumably you purchased an iPad to perform numerous activities. Focusing just on the price of apps and styluses, you will notice how affordable and surprisingly powerful digital painting apps are. With most apps ranging from £3-£10 you could own a portable painting studio with endless materials and possibilities. I use Pro Create for my work as it has proven to me to be the best painting app and for £3.99 it really is worth every penny.

Styluses can vary in price but you could pick up a decent stylus for about £20-£30 the applydea stylus is in this price range and has been my trusty stylus for years now. Other styluses can be more expensive due to them offering advanced pressure sensitive features, these normally range between £50-£90 the pogo connect stylus had performed excellent in my experiences and provided a more accurate painting experience.



Probably the most rewarding part of the iPad painting experience is the ability to paint anywhere. I often paint on the couch and outside to switch things up. Being able to paint on long train rides is definitely a huge plus.

Project blue tiger

Project blue tiger painted with the iPad and pro create app


If I suddenly had a great idea for a painting I could literately be painting in seconds, simply unlock the iPad and launch the app (I never really have it closed) and then I am ready to paint! Rather than switching on my computer waiting for minutes for it to be ready then another minute for Photoshop to launch. Also sharing my work with others directly from my iPad is a breeze, people can see my latest work fresh from the canvas!

Radiant illumination

Radiant illumination painted with the iPad and pro create app

It’s popular

The art of painting on the iPad has really become popular recently because of many artists showcasing it’s limitless capabilities. Most people view the iPad as an entertainment device, so to see such strong pieces of art being created with the iPad is really catching peoples attention and inspiring others to try themselves.

I am excited to see how the iPad and other portable devices will develop in the future and how artists will use them to create amazing artworks and inspire others. If you have ever wanted to learn how to paint with your iPad I have created an e-course here. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know why you like to paint with the iPad!

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