Free psychedelic stock imagery


Students on my advanced digital painting course get access to over 100 free psychedelic stock images that can be used in their artworks, it’s an approach I have been using a lot in my recent works 🙂

There will be more packs added soon!

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  1. Tunde
    Tunde says:

    Wow! I always wanted to learn this, and lately this desire came up in me each day, more with such a gentle force!
    I am so happy somehow I attracted this site, so it’s revealed to me. Or: maybe the angels led me to your site.

    I just have to get a photoshop. Can I use just my regular, cheap android tablet to start? I also have fireworks and gimp, and a few other freewares. My twin sister will probably sign up tomorrow as well. She rocks with the digital media. I am a traditionnel painter, as of now.

    It’s a really nice site! It will be so much fun to turn my paintings, visions into digital art, and express a new paradigm, while visually mocking the old one:):)


    • digitalvisionaryart
      digitalvisionaryart says:

      Hello Tunde,

      Sorry for the slow reply, I mostly get spam comments on this site!

      Yes it would be great if you could get photoshop but some of the tutorials can be followed with GIMP as well. As for a tablet I would reccomend any graphics tablet by wacom, Huion or XP Pen.

      Feel free to email me at and I can answer any questions you have.

      All the best,



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