Hello all,

Just giving a quick update.

New website

I have wanted to revamp the entire website and branding for years and I have been spending a lot of time recently making this happen.

I’m building a new website and animated logo intro for the next phase of our courses, everything has to be upgraded to the next level, otherwise what would be the point?

I own digitalvisionaryart.com and have been envisioning a new website for a long time.

Back when I created and launched this site in 2013-14 I had very little experience in creating wordpress websites and at the time online courses were only just starting to explode.

There were limited choices in theme and plugins but now there are endless options to choose from.

I have narrowed down a few our new website and it’s exciting to envision what will come next.

On this website I used to have badges, points and other gamification features but sadly the plugins would always create conflict with the pages on my site and make it unusable.

On that note the entire website has been a mess to navigate and edit in the backed, many functions and plugins over the years have stopped being supported, which made it impossible to edit the current units in terms of formatting and displaying the content as I would like.

Not only that but I just discovered so many emails from students and potential students that have been lost and put into spam folders automatically. I am doing my best to go through and reply to them now.

I’m hoping that the new website will be built much better than this one and will incorporate some new features that will make it more fun to progress through each course.

I want to allow people to pay for courses in crypto, installments or some other way, I want a social area on the site where students can share their work ans possibly upload their own tutorials if they have something they wish to share.

The potential growth of this website and community has always been huge, but I am feeling it will need to be more than a 1 man operation, I might be looking to collaborate with other established artists, marketers and anyone else who feels that they would like to make this something bigger than it currently is.

This was the first logo intro I created for this website.

About 6 months or a year later I  decided it needed an upgrade and this was the result.

Several years later I created this 3D upgrade, it was when I first started to learn Cinema 4D which I sadly no longer have access to.

This is the live unrendered version of the current upgrade inside of Blender. I plan to animate this and take it to the next level!

So you can see that I have made multiple improvements to this site and logo over the years, I have been working on a new logo intro and I am finally getting closer to my vision for the new website.

Back in the day I had access to C4D, I actually may still have the lite version but I need the complete package to create what I want.

I had tried creating a new logo inside Daz Studio as that was the 3D software I have been most familiar with, but again it really isn’t suited for animation, more for rendering images to be used in my artwork.

So after avoiding it for a long time I knew it was time to really learn Blender. I have used it on and off in the past but never really knew what was possible until I started diving through the software.

I am close to creating the next level, this is just a preview of what is to come. I will keep you updated with the developments on the new logo and the new site as they start to form.

Current existing students will already have access to the new website and new content, 2022 should be epic.