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DigitalVisionaryArt Change log

I have been evolving my courses and the functionality of this website ever since it’s launch. Below is a list containing some of the major updates that have occurred over the years.

11/02/2014-Launched website and the essentials of digital painting e-course
Launched Lucid Dreaming for artist’s e-course
Launched iPad digital painting e-course
10/10/14 – Added student gallery
Added downloads section to the website
16/02/15 – Introduced photoshop brush sets
27/02/15 – Introduced stock imagery packs to selected courses
13/05/15 – General visual upgrades
25/05/15 – Introduced downloadable project files & 2 new modules to the essentials of digital painting e-course
20/06/15 – Launched the advanced digital painting e-course

25/ 06/15 Launched 1 to 1 tuition service
30/07/15 – Added sacred geometry modules to the advanced digital painting e-course
05/07/15 – Launched Master course
08/08/15 – Introduced an affiliate system
29/09/15 – Introduced an achievements system
30/09/15 – Massively improved enrolment process
17/12/15 – Launched the ‘how to’ video series
17/03/15 – Added 3D sculpting video to advanced digital painting e-course
13/04/16 – Launched free introduction to digital art e-course
15/08/16 – Added hours of new content to the advanced digital painting e-course and many stock imagery packs
20/09/16- Re-filmed hours of content for the iPad digital painting e-course
10/10/16 – Added many process videos to the advanced course
22/12/16 – Launched masterclass membership option

16/02/17 – Added tutorials based on creating 360 images to the advanced course
03/03/17 – Added many galaxy and flowers stock imagery packs to the advanced course
05/05/2017 – Created an upgraded video intro for future videos
06/05/2017 – Released animation e-course

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