Create digital visionary art and share your inner visionary experiences!

This website is an online learning environment dedicated to teaching people how to project their visionary experiences into beautiful digital art to share with the world.  I warmly welcome artists of all levels and aim to not only teach students how to create amazing digital visionary art, but also provide insightful courses on lucid dreaming and meditation that will help develop your inner vision.

Express yourself via the digital medium

In these courses you will learn how to use digital art techniques to share your visions,  you will be painting with light and energy to translate your inner experiences to the world! Creating visionary art digitally is proving to be an interesting and popular medium, it’s exciting to think we get to be a part of the first wave in Humanity’s existence to co-create and experiment with this new technology and inspire others around the world.

E-courses taught by Louis Dyer

The digital visionary art courses were created by Louis Dyer.  Growing up with technology readily available, he naturally gravitated towards creating artwork on the computer. At the age of 10 he was making paintings in MS paint with a mouse. At the age of 15 he discovered Photoshop and the graphics tablets and has never looked back!

His source of creative inspiration manifests from his awe inspiring lucid dreams, altered states of consciousness and meditative practice. His artwork has been featured in magazines such as Digital Arts magazine, and is regularly shared around the internet.